Skill Set

The many disciplines I’ve taught myself over the years, along with accomplishments, titles, etc.
I’m a one-man army essentially.


Specialising in Beauty, Portrait Photography, Photo Re-toucher, model management, and more, since 2014.

Media Producer

Short-film,  T.V. Show Director & Producer. Commercial Advertisments.

Video Production

Recording and Editing video since 2003. I’ve produced several Commercials, Two T.V. Shows and Corporate Videos since.

Motion Graphics

What started off as a curious passion turned into a skill I use regularly since 2014 in my Short-film, Ads and T.V. Shows I’ve Produced.

Internet Venturer

Founder of,,,,,, to name a few.

Sketch Artist

For as long as I’ve known myself I’ve been sketching or drawing.

Digital Artist

A good friend of mine introduced me to Photoshop back in 2002, my life has forever changed since.

Webcomic Artist

I fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a comic-artist when I launched my own webcomic in 2012.


I write for several of my blogs, such as,,,


Amit Giant