My gaming history & evolution

by @amitgiant


Early 2020s




The last real game I dove strongly into was Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, around 2006ish. I had accomplished quite a lot but left it unfinished because my life evolved a lot in those days. I tried to rehash my gaming enthusiasm years later with Metal Gear Solid 4 after strong recommendations by my cousin, Sandeep, however, I barely made it to the first real boss.

I knew my gaming days were over and I would never complete Snake Eater, so I deliberately asked Sandeep what the twist ending was as per all Metal Gear games.

I later attempted Crysis 2 on my newer 3D/Video Editing PC I bought in 2011, and played it for some time but again didn’t progress very far, though I enjoyed it a lot. Years later I attempted getting into Zelda: Twilight Princess, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Street Fighter 4, but none of them got me back into my gaming mindset. They were more used as distractions for what I was facing in those days.

I would occasionally have all-night gaming sessions with friends who brought over their Wii, Wii-U or Nintendo Switch, or use my PS3, and rarely on my own. We would game all night till breaking dawn many times, however, these sessions became less and less over time.


I see my internet ventures sometimes like video games though they are not really comparable. I think my history of gaming keeps me enthusiastic about accomplishing and creating something new. It fuels my visual standards to be a certain level above the rest.

The gaming industry now feels so foreign to me, however, I still watch some of the most popular game release trailers and actually get excited for Nintendo and E3 live events. I go down memory lane when consuming those “Did you Know Gaming”, and “The Gaming Historian”, or equivalent, YouTube videos. I’ve watched a copious amount since it adds another layer to my fond memories of games.

Maybe one day my enthusiasm to play games solo might come back, maybe not. Lately, my time is limited with sometimes 16-hour workdays and playing games feels like I’m wasting time when I could be designing, creating or developing something similar in the “real world”, occasionally trying mobile games on my iPhone.

A.R. and V.R. are on the horizon to being the next big thing to revolutionize the industry globally and I personally have not ever used a V.R. headset though family has Ps. V.R. headsets, mainly because I have no interest in them currently. However that may change since the entire tech industry, not just gaming, is going that direction, so I’ll no doubt cross paths in the future, but for now I’m still occasionally trying mobile games.

I wish I could hold off till holograms become reality, but those are just currently gimmicky and in the perceivable future.

VR headset icon. Virtual reality device, glasses. Vector on isolated white background. EPS 10.

I strongly believe that games play a vital role in mental development and are completely different from the perception they had in the 90s when they were considered to “rot our brains.” Scientific studies are proving this now.

My love and interest in video games have not diminished or changed, my approach has, but I will forever love and cherish them for as long as I live.

Although I don’t game much anymore I still am and will always be a gamer for life.


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