Amit Giant

Founder Cheerful Giant Media Ltd. | HerSTYLS | TriniSpace | TriniElite

✭ Short-Film Director
✭ T.V. Show Producer & Director
✭ Internet Venture
✭ Webcomic & Sketch Artist


Born and raised in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago, I feel the need to make a positive difference and help our people become more than we ever dreamed possible, through honest means and progressive ways.

This of course means not aligning myself with political entities or local conglomerates. I don’t come from wealth either.

Guess you can say I dream big.

About Me

I’m not an illustrator, I don’t consider myself an artist, nor am I a graphic designer; I’m not a videographer or a photographer, though I use those titles accordingly. Not a web developer or designer despite creating several websites over time. Neither am I a writer, though I’ve written a lot.

I think I’m a bit of everything mentioned above, all bundled in one.

"I just love to create"

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